SIO, IDE and Terminal


SIO board
I have used the wrong SO-8 package in the drawings for the SIO and IDE board and had to place the I2C EEprom very carefully on the PCB to solder it. The pins extended beyond the solder pads, but it seemed to work.

2012-03-17: Heart attack: i took a look at the 88C192 SIO's PDF and saw that pins were numbered starting at a corner. X-( .... but this was for the TQFP-44 package only. Pin numbers of the PLCC package start in the middle of one side. HTF were these brain dead idiots... ?

IDE board
Soldering the 50 CF card adapter pins went quite well: Some flux applied in advance, soldering the pins with as little tin as possible, ignoring all junctions and blobs of tin and then removing most of the solder tin with desoldering wick. perfect. Stacking of the CF card and an IDE Flash drive works as desired.
LCD driver board
I hope everything will work. Testing starts ... soon. :-]
 2012-03-26: The PCB for the above mentioned LCD display project arrived. Yet another board to test and to write software for. But this one is easier.

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