SIO and IDE Cards

After a long time where i played around with the C-style compiler for the microcode, which i expanded to a virtual instruction code compiler for use on my Mac, i resumed work on the half-sized IDE interface and the half-sized serial adapter. The IDE interface will connect two devices, a 96 MB DiskOnModule with a 40 pin IDE connector and a CF adapter for removable drives. The serial adapter will only be used temporarily for the K1-CPU itself. It will be replaced by a 4 channel (or evtl. more) serial card later which will also incorporate a LAN adapter module, which i own. The serial ports can be used for asynchronous communication with SW or HW handshake or with clock signals of any polarity. XOR gates are useful programmable inverters. ;-) The 88C192 chips have idiotic restrictions for the selectable bit rates. :-|
The two boards have been ordered on 2012-02-04 from Leiton, like the others.
Related to the CPU project is another project which i was working upon the last two weeks: A controller board for an old black&white reflective LCDisplay i own. It is based on an ATMega8 and uses old 41464 DRAM chips for it's frame buffer.
20212-02-22: The IDE and SIO boards arrived. I got two of each, due to overproduction, for fair additional costs. But the boards don't look good this time. Like processed in over-aged chemicals or the like. I don't know.

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