XVGA TFT update

i made some progress with the XVGA controller board.

Current State of the Board

First, it becomes more expensive, because it had to buy a minimum of 5 of the FPD-Link transmitter chips (note: i sell the others. Interested? ;-). Then the layout is very tight. See here:
2012-07-18 autorouted board
ICs placement is nearly final, then i'll add some more hand-routed wires, auto-route again and then hand-optimize. This will take a week or two.
I had real problems with the rams and FPD-link controller, they actually just fit between the '245 bus transceivers and the VGA connector. I tested a couple of arangements, but this produced the least vias.
FYI: bottom left is the 16 bit K1 bus, directly above two 74245 bus transceivers, the SMD ICs are RAM and the FPD-Link transmitter. 6 chips next to the right are drivers and drivers with latches, which are used to select between an externally supplied address (for the CPU reading/writing the video RAM) or internal address from the counter cascade, used to address the video RAM for display. Next 'column' of chips are the external address registers/counters, next are the internal address counter cascade, the vertical chips at the right are clock and ATtiny. Bottom right 6 ICs are the control logic. There's an I2C EEPROM sitting on the rear side of the PCB underneath the bus connector.
Though i us a 15-pin VGA SUB-D connector, the signal is not VGA but transmits 4 LVDS signal lanes, each 3 wires: pos. and neg. differental signals and associated GND. In addition one PWM signal is transmitted on pin 15 which will control the LCD backlight brightnes. According to what i found in the net this is a 5V 125kHz PWM signal.

Current Circuit

Here's an update to the circuit as well:
Circuit 2012-07-18 - Data Paths

Circuit 2012-07-18 - Control Logics

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