Debugging the SIO board

Instead of writing some 'useful' commands i spend the last days tracking down a weird error. When i activated the timer interrupt of the 88C192 UART to give me a system timer interrupt of 100 Hz, the whole system got stuck. The simulator worked, the real hardware stalled. Bad!

It took me some time with the minimalistic debugging facilities to come to the conclusion, that the interrupt does not go away. When i rewrote the RETI (return-from-interrupt) opcode to execute the next  opcode regardless of interrupt state the system made it to the shell prompt, though eating all the cpu power. This only happened when i enabled the timer interrupt, else everything seemed to be ok. I double checked my code three times. Have i a broken UART? Is the documentation wrong?
Finally, when i programmed the UART to the longest possible duration, this left ~90% cpu time in the 'Halt' state (at 8MHz). Some observations later i discovered, that interrupts came in bursts. I measured the burst rate: ~3.5Hz. I did a calculation of the interrupt frequency: 7.372MHz/32/0xFFFF = 3.515Hz. This proved, that the timer interrupt generated the bursts.

But why did the interrupt stay active for ~1/35 sec (given the 10% cpu usage) and then go away? I examined my circuit design very carefully ... VERY carefully ... this whole thing looke like a ... and there i got it: The /INT output of the UART is open collector and i had no pull-up resistor fitted there! Now all observations made sense. I soldered a 5kΩ resistor between 2 suiting pins, restored the SIO eeprom driver, compiled the microcode rom, uploaded it to the front panel, resetted the cpu from the front panel eeproms and yepp, it worked! :-) The timer interrupt now eats approx. 1% (at 8MHz).

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